Private surf tuition

Booking a private surf lesson allows your surf instructor to focus solely on you.

These lessons are great for experienced surfers who need a few pointers in order to progress.


For couples who want to share the experience together.


For those who just don’t like being part of a group.

The lesson is 2.5 hours & includes all the equipment.

We can video your surfing technique during the session & analyse it if you require.


Service Price
Private 1:1 Surf Tuition £90
Private 1:2 Surf Tuition £125


Please call in advance to discuss your specific requirements.


Family Surf Lessons

Book a private family group & your surf instructor can focus 100% on just your family.

This type of surf session is great if you have small children that need the extra attention.

Your instructor will attend to all your individual needs & make sure you have the best time possible.

When booking please seek advice on the best time to go in relation to the waves & conditions to suit your family.


Service Price
Family group of 3 £150
Family group of 4 £180
Family group of 5 £200


Speak with Scott or one of our team to book.